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Where to Vote In El Paso - Precinct Boundaries

Where to Vote In El Paso - Precinct Boundaries

Created by JohnnyFive on 04/11/2014
Updated on 04/11/2014
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You can search your address and find how your precinct boundaries and voting location. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. First make sure your neighborhood is highlighted in one of our many colors we used for each voting precinct. Scroll all the way down to find the different pages. Page one is everything west of US 54, page two is areas east of US 54, and page three includes new voting precinct 170, Fabens, Tornillo, parts of Horizon City and additional east side precincts not included on page two.2. Type your address on the search field on top (such as 111 Mesa, El Paso, Texas) you must include your city and Texas.3. When your location has been found, click on the color that is around it, the voting location will pop upNOTE: If your street is a border between two voting precincts, you are in one or the other. Google Maps does not designate which is the even or odd side. You can call us at 533-2141 to make sure which side you are on.


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