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Wifi in Leeds

Wifi in Leeds

Created by TweetMap on 19/01/2012
Updated on 15/06/2012
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IMPORTANT!!!Please make free wifi GREEN, and paid wifi BLUE. "Free for customers' is the norm - it's still considered free if you have to ask for the password at the till or the bar. Only make the marker blue if you have to sign up and pay for access separately or if they give limited-time access with purchase (usually with a code on your purchase receipt). ABOUTEditable map of wifi in Leeds and the surrounding regions. When you add places please stipulate whether the wifi is free or paid. Also, if you can add details such as size, atmosphere, prices etc it would be useful for people who don't know the area/venue.HOW TOIf you're signed into Google then just click on "Edit" and follow your nose (the icons will appear in the top left of the map screen). If you have any queries then head on over to www.wifi-in-uk.co.uk.Set up by Katie Buffalo (twitter @katie_buffalo) and part of www.wifi-in-uk.co.uk


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