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What is ikiMap?

IkiMap is a web service to create and share maps in a fast and easy way. ikiMap helps you to organize, classify and publish your maps and georeference information in the web.

What can i register at ikiMap?

Get an ikiMap user account is very simple, and it’s free. The only thing you need is access to the registration page, and provide an email address and a valid username that is not already in use.

How to create a map?

From the top toolbaryou can at any time, create a new map in ikiMap. You gain access to a screen in which you have to cover a few basic information of the map: it’s title, the key tags to help categorized it and, optionally, a description of the map itself.

What file formats supports ikiMap?

Actually you can incorporate to ikiMap maps that you have already created simply by importing your files. The file formats supported by ikiMap are: KML and KMZ GPX Shapefile In case that you want to raise a map from a shapefile is important to have in mind that is necessary to upload three of the files that compose it: the dbf, the shp and the shx. Also, it will be necessary to indicate the projection of the map. The EPSG:4326 projection is used by default but you can select which use in this map from a list of supported projections by ikiMap.

What limitations do i have to create my maps?

The creation of a map, when it’s done uploading a file to ikiMap, has the following limitations: The maximum file size is 3 Mb It cannot contain more than 700 elements The maximum number of geometries for the sum of all elements is 50.000 vertex. In case that upload a file that exceeds these limitations will appear a message indicating the problems encountered.

What is an ikiMap?

As a quick definition, an ikiMap is a set of several maps, so it is possible to visualize superposed the information of all of them.

Could i create an ikiMap with a single map?

Yes, it is possible to have an ikiMap that contains only one map, but it isn`t the most useful. The true potential of the ikiMaps is that you can see simultaneously the superposed information of several maps.

If a user modifies the information on a map that i have added to an ikiMap, do affect me?

Every time you add a map to an ikiMap you are creating a kind of link between your ikiMap and every single map that compose it. If any of these maps is updated, those changes are reflected in real time on your ikiMap.

What are the channels for?

A channel is a list of maps that share some characteristics.

What are favorite maps?

Favorite maps are those maps; yours or others users, that for some reason you like or turn out to be interesting and you add a marker to access them quickly in the future.

How can i add a map to my list of favorites?

On the page of each map you have a button called “Add to favorites” from which you can make the map become a favorite.

How can i control the privacy of my maps?

ikiMap has a system of permissions management that allows you to define who can view or edit your maps and ikiMaps. When you create a map or, once created, from the editing screen you can access to a simple assistant that allows you to define your levels of privacy.

I want to create a map in which all users can add information.

The system of permission managements lets you decide who can see and who can edit a map. If what you want is to create a map that all users can simply edit you have to check the option “All” in the section “¿Who can edit the map?”.

Could i embed the maps on my website or blog?

All the maps have a unique URL, which allows you to create links on your websites or blogs to these maps. But in addition, it’s possible to incorporate (embed) directly maps and ikiMaps on your website, simply by copying the “Embedded” code that appears on the page of each map.

Could i follow a user’s activity?

IkiMap has thousands of users, who continuously publish new maps. One way to don’t miss a thing of what your friends or other users that upload maps of topics that you like are became his follower.

I want to change the frequency of the notifications that arrive to my email, how do I do it?

Notifications are messages that come to you by e-mail when others users start to follow you in ikiMap, made a comment on your maps and ikiMaps ... It’s possible at any time to enable or disable, individually, these notifications. Simply go to your profile, push “Edit”, and configure each of these options at your point.

I am a programmer, could i use an ikiMap API?

ikiMap has an API that will allow you to integrate many of its functionality in your own applications. To do this you will need a key to the API, which you can get for free, and which will serve to identify your application. The API has a page with all the documentation, that explains which are the methods that you can use, the parameters that you have to give to each method and the answers that they return.

How can i get contact with the ikiMap team?

If you have any suggestions on how to improve ikiMap, you want to notify us some error or, simply want to chat with us; you can do so in several ways. We have a form through which you can send us your comments. But we are also present on Facebook and Twitter. Finally you can also send us an email with all your suggest, to the address info@ikimap.com