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Administrative area (administrative boundaries) of Baliza.Brazil -> Estado: Goiás (Goiáz|Goyáz) -> Município: Baliza -> Distrito: Baliza(Eng): Brazil -> State: Goiás (Goiáz|Goyáz) -> Municipality: Baliza -> District: BalizaSource: http://www.gadm....
Administrative area (administrative boundaries) of São João da Baliza.Brazil -> Estado: Roraima (Rio Branco) -> Município: São João da Baliza -> Distrito: São João da Baliza(Eng): Brazil -> State: Roraima (Rio Branco) -> Municipality: São João da ...
Administrative area (administrative boundaries) of Baliza.Brazil -> Estado: Rio Grande do Sul -> Município: Gaurama -> Distrito: Baliza(Eng): Brazil -> State: Rio Grande do Sul -> Municipality: Gaurama -> District: BalizaSource: http://www.gadm.or...
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Balizas OPEN STGO 2012
Administrative area (administrative boundaries) of U.T.P. Baliza/Itaipu.Brazil -> Estado: Goiás (Goiáz|Goyáz) -> Município: Goiania -> Distrito: U.T.P. Baliza/Itaipu(Eng): Brazil -> State: Goiás (Goiáz|Goyáz) -> Municipality: Goiania -> District: ...