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Administrative area (administrative boundaries) of Oratorio.Guatemala -> Departamento: Santa Rosa -> Municipio: Oratorio(Eng): Guatemala -> Department: Santa Rosa -> Municipality: OratorioSource: http://www.gadm.org/ v 2.0
Administrative area (administrative boundaries) of Oratórios.Brazil -> Estado: Minas Gerais (Minas|Minas Geraes) -> Município: Oratórios -> Distrito: Oratórios(Eng): Brazil -> State: Minas Gerais (Minas|Minas Geraes) -> Municipality: Oratórios -> ...
Administrative area (administrative boundaries) of Oratorio de Concepción.El Salvador -> Departamento: Cuscatlán -> Municipio: Oratorio de Concepción(Eng): El Salvador -> Department: Cuscatlán -> Municipality: Oratorio de ConcepciónSource: http://...