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Administrative area (administrative boundaries) of Phat Sanday.Cambodia -> Khêt: Bântéay Méanchey (Banteay Mean Cheay) -> Srok: Mongkol Borei -> Khum: Kouk Ballangk -> Phum: Phat Sanday(Eng): Cambodia -> Province: Bântéay Méanchey (Banteay Mean Ch...
Administrative area (administrative boundaries) of Neang Sav.Cambodia -> Khêt: Kâmpóng Thum (Kampong Thom|Kompong Thom) -> Srok: Kampong Svay -> Khum: Phat Sanday -> Phum: Neang Sav(Eng): Cambodia -> Province: Kâmpóng Thum (Kampong Thom|Kompong Th...