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Administrative area (administrative boundaries) of Kaoh Knaor.Cambodia -> Khêt: Kândal (Kandaal) -> Srok: Kandal Stueng -> Khum: Preaek Roka -> Phum: Kaoh Knaor(Eng): Cambodia -> Province: Kândal (Kandaal) -> District: Kandal Stueng -> Commune: Pr...
Administrative area (administrative boundaries) of Roka Knaor.Cambodia -> Khêt: Krâchéh (Kratie|Kratié|Kratiê|Krâ Chéh|Krachen) -> Srok: Kracheh -> Khum: Kaoh Chraeng -> Phum: Roka Knaor(Eng): Cambodia -> Province: Krâchéh (Kratie|Kratié|Kratiê|Kr...