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Sourced from http://services.salford.gov.uk/data/kml/allotments.kml
Hulcote and Salford (Central Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom) offers for visiting: city tours, the best places to visit, completed guide to sightseeing. Visitors information: best tourist destinations, famous places and visitor guides with ...
Car Parking, Where to Eat, Drink & Stayand useful transport links and information.
There is more wildlife than you might think in an urban environment. The River Irwell provides some great habitats for many different species while the parks are often full of birds and sometimes other creatures too. Salford Quays is a rich in wil...
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Ride Time 2:10:37, Elapsed Time 2:25:43, Distance 27.18 km, Average Speed 12.5 kph, Maximum Speed 32.6 kph, Total Ascent 2.96 km, Total Descent 2.95 km
Secret Gardens Festival locations across Salford and Trafford, Thursday 7 to Saturday 23 June 2012 - before, during and beyond. Celebrating Undiscovered Creativity.
Addresses from which the boys of the Manchester and Salford Boys' and Girls' Refuges and Homes came from on admittance to Quay Street. (Manchester and surrounding area only)1870-1871