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Administrative area (administrative boundaries) of ĐÞnh Thµnh.Vietnam -> Region: đồng bằng sông Cửu Long (Mekong River Delta) -> Tỉnh: An Giang (An Giang) -> Huyện: Thoại Sơn (Thoai Son) -> Commune: ĐÞnh Thµnh(Eng): Vietnam -> Region: đồng bằng sô...
Administrative area (administrative boundaries) of Sơn Thµnh.Vietnam -> Region: Nam Trung Bộ (South Central Coast) -> Tỉnh: Phú Yên (Phu Yen) -> Huyện: Tuy Hoa -> Commune: Sơn Thµnh(Eng): Vietnam -> Region: Nam Trung Bộ (South Central Coast) -> Pr...