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Map of populated places in Sosnowiec (Sosnowiec, Województwo Śląskie, Poland). This map contains cities, towns, villages or other agglomeration of buildings where people live and work located in Sosnowiec.You can learn more about topoyms and geogr...
Administrative area (administrative boundaries) of Sosnowiec.Poland -> Województwo: Silesian (Slaskie) -> Powiat: Sosnowiec(Eng): Poland -> Voivodeship|Province: Silesian (Slaskie) -> City: SosnowiecSource: http://www.gadm.org/ v 2.0
Sosnowiec (Sosnowiec, Województwo Śląskie, Poland) offers for visiting: city tours, the best places to visit, completed guide to sightseeing. Visitors information: best tourist destinations, famous places and visitor guides with what to visit in ...